First, select the list where you want to add/import subscribers. I assume you have already created a list ;-)

1.- Click on 'Manage subscribers' on the drop-down menu and click again on 'Paste up to xxxxx subscribers'. (the total amount of subscribers you're allowed to paste is bound to your subscribers limit storage)

2.- Go to your file where you have your Subscribers. Select the Subscribers you want to Import and copy them.

3.- Paste them into the provided box and click on the Import subscribers button.

Way to go! Your list is "almost" ready to be included in any campaign if it was a new list. Or your recently pasted recipients are being imported into your existing list. Next, learn how to create and send campaigns.

* You can also add custom fields in the previous box. Just make sure the first line states the name of the custom field as shown below:


Accepted field separators are: space, comma and semicolon.
!! If you're on the free plan, you can only add: name and surname as custom fields.

Check how to dynamically import subscribers to your list by connecting Zapier and MoonMail.

** MoonMail processes a background check to all recipients just after you have imported them. This check is based on format validation of email addresses & Artificial Intelligence processes. While this check is on the works, you won't be able to use that list.

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