A signup form is the best way to make your subscribers list grow. It's the easiest way to get email addresses from leads who visit your website.

Creating a Signup form

  1. Go to Lists and select the list which you’d like to add your subscribers from the form.

2. Click on Signup forms from the submenu.

3. Select Embedded from.

 4. Choose if you want to include additional fields in the form. Note that all of your custom fields will also appear in the options. Default and required field, is email address, all other fields are optional.

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5. Copy the code and paste it in your website or landing page.

If the request of the subscriber successful, s/he'll be directed to this url:

If the request of the subscriber fails, s/he'll be directed to this url:

These urls can be customized by going to the Settings tab of your list:

Check this article if you want learn how to build your custom Signup Form.

* By default, the Signup forms, send a confirmation email to the recipient, this is Called double-opt in. If you don't want any email to be sent to the recipient, you just need to uncheck this value:


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