Importing lists in MoonMail is done by providing a CSV file. This type of file stores data (numbers and text) in plain-text and help to make the data readable in different platforms and software. There’s a small drawback with plain text, sometimes it cannot recognize special characters like æ ø å ö ä ü or sometimes those get replaced with some other text.

If you have problems importing a CSV, first you’ll need to double check your file to see if everything is well setup. Here’s something that you can check:

  • Avoid special characters.
  • Make sure to have the first row as header (name, last name, email, etc.) and remember, it’s important to avoid special characters in the headers.
  • Check for errors caused by using formulas in programs Excel, Numbers or similar. If you have an error in one cell it usually gives #ERROR. When you export it to CSV it can cause a mess. Make sure to clear or delete all errors before exporting your list of recipients to CSV.
  • If you are using a file with only one column with comma separated (i.e. A, B, C,) make sure you have the same number of commas in all the cells even though some value is unknown or empty (i.e. A, B,  ,). Don't use this way though. Put each value in a different column and everything will be easier and better.

** MoonMail processes a background check to all recipients just after you have uploaded a list. This check is based on format validation of email addresses among many other things. While this check is on the works, you won't be able to use that list.

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