There are multiple factors taken into account when calculating your Account's Reputation. This process his done dynamically in real time, affects your pricing, and it's based on the following factors among many others which can't be disclosed for security reasons:

As an email marketing provider, our best efforts are driven to ensure the highest deliverability of all email campaigns sent through MoonMail. To do so, we enforce our users to follow the best email marketing practices, especially when it comes to sending good content and only to people who want to receive it.

Again, this reputation system represents your performance, taking into account multiple factors such as bounce rate, number of complaints and Artificial Intelligence analysis to predict future behavior. The closer you are to 100%, the better you are performing, and we'd like to encourage you to keep your reputation percentage as high as possible, as this will have an impact on how fast we send your campaigns. If your reputation is lower than 15%, your account will be suspended and you won't be allowed to send more campaigns.

Be aware that we constantly check this value, which means that we could stop the sending process of an email campaign before it was completed if we detect it's not performing well. To learn more, please visit our Anti-Spam Policy.

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