Templates are great for content that you share multiple times such as newsletters, promotions, discounts and so. Let's get started.

First, go to templates and click on ‘Create template’.

Select one of the four basic structures or select a blank one. In this example, I will create a two column template with a header from scratch. Please note when you select a ‘blank’ template it will include one structure box and the unsubscribe tag.

Now you’re in the template editor. On the right hand, you have the elements to build your template: Content, Structure, and Body. Let’s try structure first.


The structure boxes help you to create the body of your email, whether is one column, 2 columns, a mix, etc.

Click on 'Structure' then, drag and drop as many boxes you’d want from the options.


The content boxes have everything you need for your email to look professional: Text, Image, Button, Social, and Divider.

Click on 'Content' and start dragging the boxes into your structure. You can add multiple content boxes into the same structure box.

Now it’s time to add your awesome content. Each content box has its own options, let check them out.

: You can also drag and drop your image file into the box or click on ‘Browse’ to open the file manager and select the file from your library. Other options that you have for the image are:

  • Adjust width
  • Add alt text
  • Add a URL link
  • Set padding

Text: Click on the text and type like any text editor like Word. Editing options will pop out to align, make it bold, change size, add bullet points, etc. Other options:

  • Text color
  • Link color
  • Line height
  • Padding

*Pro tip: In the text box you can add personalization tags.

Button: Add a call-to-action to increase your click rates, use your branding colors to match your style. Other options:

  • Url
  • Width (auto or manual)
  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Align
  • Line height
  • Border (radius and color)
  • Padding

Social: Select from different collections of social media icons to gain new followers or to share your newsletter. By default, you’ll have Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Click on ‘Add new icon’ to see all available options:

  • Social follow
  • Social share

Divider: Use a divider to separate different content or the contact information. Options:

  • Line stroke and color
  • Width
  • Align
  • Padding

So far so good! Now that your content is ready, let’s finalize the details by editing the body for extra design.


Click on 'Body' and modify the options that best suit for your template. I will use a different background color and bigger width for my template.

Looking good! To finalize, tweak the details to make it perfect and remember that every content box and structure box have their own options to change background colors, paddings, borders and more.

After you're done, click 'Save' or 'Your templates' to exit the editor and return to your dashboard.

Now that you have your template ready, it's time to create a campaign and select your new template

Fly to the moon!

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