In this article, we're assuming that you already have an AWS account and the following steps are exclusive to associate your SES keys with MoonMail. If you have recently created a new AWS account and haven’t got to production mode visit this article first.

What we are going to achieve here is to create a user with the name “MoonMail” with restricted permissions which will only allow this user to send emails through your SES account. Let’s get started! 

1. First, log into your AWS account and click on 'Services' and search for Security & Identity > IAM.

2. Once you're on your IAM area click on 'Users' from the left menu and the click on the blue button "Add user".

3. Set user details: Add “MoonMail” as the user name and select 'Programmatic access'. Click 'Next: Permissions'.

4. Set user permissions: Select 'Attach existing policies directly'. There’s a big list of policies but just type “SES” on the search bar and select 'AmazonSESFullAccess' and click on 'Next: Review'.

5. Review: Review the information. If everything in order, click on 'Create user' and wait for the information. The next step is really important.

6. Save keys: Before closing the setup, make sure to download the CSV file with the copy of the Access key ID and the Secret access key credentials and keep the file somewhere safe. It’s really important because you won’t be able to see the secret access key again!

After saving the credentials you can close it.

7. Log-in back to your MoonMail account and copy/paste the credentials on the front page. If you move to somewhere else, you ca go to your profile settings and add the credentials there. Make sure to contact support to enable this option.


If you recently created your AWS account and you haven’t request SES production access yet you won't be able to send any email. Click here to know how to Move Out of the Amazon SES Sandbox.

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