Inside the campaign body and subject line, you can use personalized Custom Fields by using liquid syntax. All recipient fields, including custom fields, are available as liquid variables like {{name}}, {{recipient_email}}, {{surname}} and many more.

When you create a custom field, the liquid tag is automatically generated and you can include it in your next campaign. 

For example, if you create a new custom field called “company”, MoonMail will automatically create the {{company}} tag. You can include this tag in your campaign to personalize it even more.

Please note that Custom Fields are case sensitive and if you use a space when adding a custom field with two or more words, the liquid tag will add an underscore for the code. So if you create a custom field like “Company name”, the tag will be created as {{Company_name}}.

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Basic default Fields

All accounts, by default, have the following tags enabled and ready to use:

Email: {{recipient_email}}
Name: {{name}}
Surname: {{surname}}
From: {{from_email}}

Special Fields

Some tags need additional information in order to work properly, as is the case of the 'unsubscribe' link that needs to be inserted as a URL. With this, you can personalize the text for “unsubscribe from newsletter” or even use your local language.

Unsubscribe: <p><a href="{{unsubscribe_url}}" target="_blank">Unsubscribe</a></p>

Let’s get into details.

Where to use them

You can insert personalization tags in our template builder or directly on the HTML code.


Create a new template or edit an existing one. Select the text box to which you’d like to add a custom field and simply use the liquid syntax like it's regular text. You might as well copy the text “Hello {{name}}” and it’ll work just fine.

For the unsubscribe link you need to add it as a URL, so select the word and type in {{unsubscribe_url}}. 

On the other hand, there's an option in the template builder to add it directly in the text editor by clicking on 'Special links' just like the image below. The text comes with “unsubscribe” by default, but you can customize it.


If you're using the plain HTML editor, you can add the Custom Fields within <p> tags like it's regular text. Here’s one example: 

<p>Hello {{name}} {{surname}}</p>

That applies for all Custom Fields

For the unsubscribe link, you need to add it as a URL within an <a> tag:

<p><a href="{{unsubscribe_url}}" target="_blank">Unsubscribe</a></p>

Why not give it a try?
Learn how to play with dynamic content using Liquid Syntax and Custom Fields.

Oh, and one more thing. You can now add an unlimited number of the fields.

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