1.- First, go to Campaigns on the menu and click on 'Create Campaign'.

2.- Name your campaign for your reference. Add the subject (you can use emojis) and the sender. This is the information that your subscribers will see on their inboxes. Select all of the relevant list/s and click 'Create'. Note: Custom senders are only available for users on any paid plan.

3.- Now it’s time to edit your campaign. You have two options for this: HTML and Templates.

  • HTML: Click on 'Edit code' and drag and drop an existing HTML file, or paste your code into the editor.
  • Template: Click on 'Select template' and select a free or a saved template. To learn how to create templates, go to Creating custom templates.

4.- Preview your campaign to see if everything is alright. You can send a test email, schedule your campaign or send it right away!

  • Send a Test: Send an email to any email address if you want to see a real version of what your subscribers will receive.

  • Schedule: Set a time and date for your campaign to go out. Your timezone is automatically detected by your current location.

  • Send: Review the information one last time and unleash the glory!

Congratulations! Your email is out, now sit back and wait for the results.

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