First, select the list where you want to add/import subscribers. I assume you have already created a list ;-)

1.- Click on 'Manage subscribers' on the drop-down menu and click again on 'Import subscribers'.

2.- Pick a CSV file. Make sure to include the header row and make sure to include at least the email field. Not sure yet? Donwload a CSV sample file by clicking here.

3.- Drag and drop the CSV file into the gray box.

4.- Make sure to enable all the columns to their related properties and click on 'Import subscribers'. If you leave a field disabled, the same won't be imported. If you would like it to be active during the import, make sure to manually type the field name exactly how is presented in bold or assign a custom name for the field:

*Note: This example already shows how to provide custom fields. Click here for more information about custom fields.

5.- You can see all the subscribers of the file you just imported by going to 'Subscribers'.

Go to the Stats tab and scroll to Imports to check the status of your import. Statuses are: Importing, Success or Failed.

Way to go! Your list is "almost" ready to be included in any campaign. Next, learn how to create and send campaigns.

** MoonMail processes a background check to all recipients just after you have uploaded a list. This check is based on format validation of email addresses & Artificial Intelligence processes. While this check is on the works, you won't be able to use that list.


*Pro tip: You can also import subscribers directly from the list page.

Check how to dynamically import subscribers to your list by connecting Zapier and MoonMail.
And check how to import subscribers by copy pasting them.

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