We pay 25% recurring, lifetime commissions on all paid Moonmail plans (as listed here) as well as usage fees. 

What does that mean? 

  • For every account you refer to us, you get paid 25% of the total amount they spend with us. For example, if you refer a customer that signs up for $23.99/month Starter plan and they have $100 in usage fees the first month, you would receive $31 dollars in commissions (25% of total bill).  

What about free account and plan upgrades?

  1. If you refer anyone who signs up for our free plan - if they upgrade within 45 days, you will get credit for that referral (and 25% recurring of whatever they spend per month with us). 
  2. If someone upgrades from one paid plan to another paid plan - you will start receive 25% commission on the new plan, as soon as that change takes effect. 

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