We find the best way to promote Moonmail is to be genuine and honest and share what you love about our platform. Here are some ways: 

  1. Get Social. Share the love for Moonmail on your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks. Take a personal vs. a, “buy! Buy! Buy!” approach, by telling your audience why you like our email marketing platform.
  2. Write a review for your blog or website. Some of the best information our prospective customers search for, during the buying cycle, is articles and blogs. Give your transparent, unique approach and you’ll be sure to win referrals.
  3. Make a walk through or video review. Did you know that behind Google, Youtube is the #2 search engine? Teaching people how to use our platform via a screenshare video or simply talking about moonmail in a video - not only goes along way, but ranks well for industry and trademark terms.
  4. Mention it in your email newsletter: Got captive subscribers that need a solid, affordable email marketing tool? Share your affiliate link with the #1 reason for why you like MoonMail.
  5. Tell your friends over lunch: While you will still need to send them your affiliate link after the bill is paid, it’s great to tell others close to you about the features and power of MoonMail.

What about any restrictions? What should I not do as a Moonmail partner? 

As an affiliate partner, you must agree to the terms and conditions before promoting MoonMail. 

Need a basic overview of what's not allowed?

  • PPC advertising -  We do not allow any trademarking bidding (Trademark +coupon) or any other misspellings of MoonMail, on any PPC network. If you are concerned a bit of your promotion might be in violation of the terms and conditions - just contact us! We'd be happy to review your promotional proposal. 
  • Self-referrals - you are not allowed to use your own affiliate link to sign up for a Moonmail account. 

If there is any questions about your current or potential promotion of Moonmail -do not hesitate to contact us!

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