What is a Webhook?
A Webhook is like 2 apps WhatsApping. So, if something happens in the first app, the other app will instantly know it. Essentially, Webhooks are a powerful way to connect apps.
MoonMail allows you to set Webhooks on list subscribes and unsubscribes. If it happens that a given recipient hits the ‘unsubscribe’ button from any of your campaigns (or simply subscribes to your list from any source), a Webhook notification will be sent to your app with all the information regarding this event as follows:

  • What happened: an event of subscription / unsubscription
  • Where it happened: a list or campaign
  • Which list/campaign was affected
  • Which recipient was affected

Now that you know what a Webhook is, let's see how the set it up is within any of your MoonMail lists:
1.- Go to the list dashboard menu and select the list you want to have a new Webhook. Here we will select a list named ExampleList.

2.- On your list menu, click on Webhooks.

3.- Then click on the Create Webhook button.

4.- Choose the event and a target URL so the URL can receive the Webhook. And voila, you're good to go.

5.- MoonMail lists can have Webhooks for the following events:
Recipient subscribes to the list
Recipient unsubscribes to the list

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