Now, you can start collecting email addresses from your Shopify customers and automatically send them to your desired MoonMail list in real time. For this, you need a Zapier account, a Shopify store and a MoonMail account.

Alright! Let's go!

First, Log Into your Zapier account and on the header, click on the MAKE A ZAP button.

Second, choose the trigger from Shopify, so type Shopify in the search bar.

We want to select the trigger to be: New Customer

Now, you need to select your Shopify store

You can Test your Shopify trigger by fetching an existing customer by clicking on the Fetch & Continue button.

Now, the action. This means, what needs Zapier to do after a new Customer is created within your Shopify store. We want Zapier to inject or add your Customer email address into your desired MoonMail list.

Type MoonMail in the search bar and click on the icon

For now MoonMail allows the Action to create a subscriber: Create Subscriber. Click Save & Continue.

Zapier needs to know to which MoonMail list the Shopify Customer email needs to be added. So you'll need to provide your MoonMail User ID and List ID details as explained here.
You also need to tell Zapier which Shopify field should be the MoonMail subscriber email.

You can also add your Shopify Customer Name and Surname.
Click on Continue and Create & Continue buttons
All Set!

Now you only need to turn on your Zap, and let your MoonMail list grow while you sleep!

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